Surprising Truths About Church Salaries and Budgets

Surprising Truths About Church Salaries and Budgets

How much do church staff really earn? This is a question Christians have wondered at one point or another but have been too shy to ask.

A recent study released by Leadership Network and Vanderbloemen Search Group showed surprising results about church staff salaries and budgets, according to Dr. Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, in an article he wrote on his website.

“As I read the study, I looked for surprises or changes in patterns from what I have been seeing in recent years. And though the data I’ve collected in the past may not compare perfectly with the research of this latest study, the contrasts are, at the very least, instructional and interesting,” he said.

First, growing churches pay their pastors and staff slightly less than declining churches. “At first glance, this information seems surprising. But growing churches often reach new Christians who have not established healthy giving patterns. Other growing churches may be more likely to reach younger families with lower incomes,” he said.

Another surprising fact is that only 2 percent of the churches’ budgets are funded outside congregational giving. These funds come from schools that are in the church’s building or from investments and endowments. Rainer said these sources of income are very small compared to congregational giving.

Source : ChristianToday

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