Former Atheist Artist Becomes Unlikely Evangelist

Former Atheist Artist Becomes Unlikely Evangelist

LONDON — Rev. Billy Graham once said, “Sincerity is the biggest part of selling anything, including the Christian plan of salvation.” In London, CBN News met a renowned artist whose sincere search for God has made him a most unlikely evangelist.

Charlie Mackesy has been described as “a world class artist,” selling artwork to the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Sting. He invited CBN News into his home that doubles as an art studio in the Brixton neighborhood of London.

Surrounded by dozens of his paintings, drawings, we ask when he discovered he had artistic ability.

“It’s a good question; I mean, I think I probably knew that I could draw at school,” Mackesy said. “But I think you need a reason to draw.”

He found that reason about 25 years ago, in a London park. An atheist at the time, he said he had a feeling “that there must be more to this than meets the eye,” Mackesy said.

“Jesus quietly introduced me to a journey into finding people really beautiful, which is how my art really began,” he said. “Because I felt inside me he was going, ‘Look. How beautiful is that guy sitting on that bench?’ And I would have never noticed him before.”

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