Rs 2500 cr Indian Navy 4 vessel project bagged by Garden Reach Shipbuilders (By Financial Express)

1. The other shipyards who had responded to the RFP in 2015 were Hindustan Shipyard Rs 563 crore per vessel, Goa Shipyard Rs 568 crore, Cochin Shipyard Rs 573 crore and Shoft Shipyard Rs 670 crore.

2. The Indian Navy already has a fleet of 10 research and survey vessels in service in three different class namely: Sagardhwani Class (2 vessels), Sandhayak Class (7 vessels) and Makar Class (1 vessel).

3. In a secondary role, the Navy had specified that the ships should be able to perform limited defence roles in an emergency (suitable arrangements for installation of CRN 91 gun with optronic pedestal or as indicated by the Indian Navy), limited search and rescue capability, limited ocean research capability and hospital ship/casualty holding ship.

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