Meeting Middle East Christians is where Western stereotypes go to die (By Crux: Covering all things Catholic)

1. The U. S. government officially classifies the Shi’ite Muslim movement based in Lebanon as a terrorist organization, and in the popular mind across much of the West, Hezbollah is part of Jihadism Inc. , basically on a par with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other radical groups which are inveterate enemies of Christianity and the West.

2. It’s become a staple of Western media rhetoric that Europe today is in the grip of a massive refugee crisis, its largest since World War II, with that narrative fueled in part by dramatic images of children washing up on Mediterranean beaches and crowds of angry protestors demanding better living conditions in European detention centers.

3. When Nasrallah went on Lebanese television in 2014 to explain why Hezbollah fighters were crossing the border into Syria to take on ISIS, he first addressed himself to Christians across the Middle East.

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