Ghana clears 2007 Eurobond (By Citifmonline)

1. Reacting to the issue, Economist Daniel Amarteye Anim also said that Ghana’s decision to repay its 2007 Eurobond on the maturity date will further deepen its reputation among external investors and increase patronage of future bonds to be issued.

2. However, once we do that what it means is that any inflows that comes in the form of a new issuance of a bond that is supposed to be used to execute pressing developmental projects, a certain percentage of it will be sacrificed for the matured repayment of the bond that was contracted earlier on,” he explained.

3. “I am looking at a time where we could devise a strategy where if we raise money through a bond from the international community it should be invested into sectors that the investment itself can generate sufficient inflows to meet our repayment obligations as and when they arise or mature,” he added.

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