‘Hard faith’ film hits home with Christians swearing (By New York Post)

1. I think most people would agree that the phrase “oh my stars” (a fully acceptable fundamentalist substitution for profanity, by the way) probably wouldn’t be heard coming from any character in a story that follows two bitter and estranged brothers who are brought back together by their mother’s death, reunite with their abusive and alcoholic father and, while retracing their lives, find redemption and a hope and a faith in God.

2. While you might be going to see that G-rated film, your mere attendance at a movie theater could tempt others who don’t have your Disneyfied sensibilities and might watch something — anything — else.

3. Movieguide’s review argues that movies “don’t need to be filled with foul language, explicit sex, drug use and the like to reach out to people that aren’t walking with God.

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