Kabba-Kafanchan, Benin bypass, Onitsha-Enugu, Lokoja-Ajaokuta among ‘Nigeria’s worst roads’- Report (By Premium Times)

1. In September, SBM surveyed 45 drivers from 45 transport companies in Lagos and Abuja- each of the survey respondents travels an average of three routes, and with some overlap – meaning that the researchers were provided with information at least 102 instances of road travel route information.

2. Whilst it is well reported that Nigeria has the largest road network in West Africa – 108,000km of surfaced roads (32,000km of which has been built and is managed by the Federal Government), a large-scale independent review of the current state of the country’s road network has been absent.

3. SBM Intelligence, a geopolitical and socio-economic research firm, undertook a study of the state of Nigeria’s major expressways by obtaining feedback from the roads’ most important users – commercial vehicle drivers.

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