The weirdest Christmas dinners people around the world eat

1. Alongside this dish are various desserts such as the Bolo Rei (fruit cake), Pão de Ló (sponge cake), cheeses and sausages, Rabanadas (similar to French toast), and Bilharacos (pumpkin dumplings).

2. Saana, of Tampere, said: ‘Our Christmas table, or joulupöytä, also features rosolli salad (which is a colorful dish made from diced beetroot, carrots, apple and potato mixed with cream), gravlax (dill-cured salmon) and a leafy green salad.

3. Milos, of Pozarevac, said: ‘The homemade bread is the most traditional part because we bake it with a coin inside and the older people in the family break the bread into pieces while no one is watching.

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