Ideological colonization a ‘blasphemy against God’

1. Not everything that is new is bad, Francis said, “it’s enough to think of the Gospel, Jesus,” but it’s important to discern: “Does this novelty come from the Lord, the Holy Spirt, the root of God, or does this novelty come from a perverse root?.

2. ROME – Pope Francis on Tuesday once again lambasted what he called “ideological colonization,” which he described as both cultural and spiritual, intolerant of differences, and capable of persecuting even those who believe in God.

3. “But we don’t need to go too far back to see some examples: let’s think of the genocides of the last century, that were a new, cultural thing: ‘All equal, and these who don’t have pure blood, out’ … All equal, there’s no place for differences, there is no place for others, there is no place for God.

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