Malaysia, An Unfortunate Transit Point for Illegal Trade

1. “Ultimately, through collaborative efforts that lead both to seizures and to the arrest and successful prosecution of criminals, Malaysia can remove itself from being one of the transit countries of choice in South-East Asia for pangolins or other illicit wildlife coming from Africa to Asia,” the report stated.

2. In September 2016, 183 nations came together at the world’s largest wildlife protection convention (the Convention on Inter-national Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES), to approve a complete ban on all trade of live pangolin, pangolin meat and scales.

3. “It is absolutely imperative that investigations uncover the parties involved – including local logistics companies for both the Sabah pangolin scale shipments – to ensure that Malaysia is not being exploited as a point of transit, consolidation or distribution of smuggled wildlife or its parts.

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