Nigeria: Developing Nigeria Through Investments in Rail Transport

1. Other intrinsic benefits include easy and efficient transportation of farm produce from the farms to markets and decongesting the roads thereby saving more for the government and prolonging the life span of the roads; increase in the value of land along the route of the railway thereby increasing national wealth, accessible to all citizens being the cheapest mode of transportation; ease of movement of labour and raw materials thereby enhancing industrial development.

2. Beyond the ports, the rail form of transportation is critical to moving goods and people more cheaply and efficiently across the country; hence, the need for renewed focus on the rail sector by government to boost the economy.

3. The NRC Liaison Officer in Abuja, Mr. Pascal Nnoli, told our correspondent that the CCECC trained a number of NRC technicians on the Abuja-Kaduna train service and same will be done on other new lines being built.

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