Thankful for the Most Precious Thing God Ever Did – Send His Son, Jesus

1. Not being a history buff, all I know about the establishment of Thanksgiving is what I was taught in school, which was that the Pilgrims – those who had undertaken the long pilgrimage to the new world to find freedom of religion and get out from under the thumb of an oppressive European Monarchy and its attendant assortment of Lords, Earls, Dukes, and aristocracy – got together to give thanks to God for providing for them in the new world.

2. As in so many things the true meaning of Thanksgiving, a day set aside to give thanks for all things, has been shoved to the side by the secular circus of sales, specials and the vision of tables loaded with enough food to feed a small village.

3. Every day is a miracle; every day is a wonder; every day is an opportunity; and every day is a blessing.

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