David Von Drehle: Christians, our silence on Roy Moore isn’t enough

1. But religious freedom does not require thoughtful Christians of good will to sit silently while charlatans, hustlers and theological bumpkins try to press the imprimatur of our faith on the sacrilege of accused child molester Roy Moore.

2. We are a church for the likes of William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr. A church for Michelangelo and J. S. Bach.

3. I cringe to remember the hours of television and acres of newsprint given to the late and appalling Fred Phelps, of the self-styled Westboro Baptist Church, who loaded his congregation of brainwashed and intimidated family members into vans and hauled them around the country, tormenting grief-stricken families.

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Rohingya Christians Fear the Worst as Police Undertake Verification Drive on MHA Orders

1. New Delhi: Despite the Supreme court putting the Centre’s plans to deport the Rohingyas to Myanmar on hold, the Delhi police has been going ahead with a verification drive to identify various categories of Myanmarese nationals in accordance with an advisory issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on August 8.

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A diverse group of Christian theologians release a Boston Declaration at the Old South Church to challenge the corruption of Christians in the United States

1. Meeting in Boston, at the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, a diverse group of Christian Theologians launched the BOSTON DECLARATION at the Old South Church at 12:30 pm on Monday November 20, 2017.

2. In 1934 Karl Barth, Martin Niemöller and pastors of the Confessing Church released a Barmen Declaration, calling out the German Church’s complicity with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Regime.

3. They make excuses for racial hatred and sexual abuse, and some have even said that it would be better to vote for a pedophile than a Democrat,” said the Rev.

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Christianity is political. But America’s politically active Christians seem to be forgetting that.

1. This straightforward view that Christian political life simply was a manifestation of inner virtue came under severe attack with the Protestant Reformation, in part because of the (often legitimate) claim that medieval structures of political power had failed massively in their aspirations to such goods, becoming instead systems of control and exploitation.

2. Others have simply replied that Democrats also have sex with minors or very young adults sometimes: Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham, for instance, tweeted a news report from decades ago about liberal comedian Jerry Seinfeld dating a teenager while in his 30s; others, like right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh, have argued that Moore’s alleged crimes are nothing compared to those of former president Bill Clinton.

3. When the idea that political power as such is a danger takes precedence, evangelicals have tended to advocate for a minimalist vision of the state and a privatization of religious virtue and devotion.

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Rev. Jamie Johnson Scandal: White Christians Need to Do More

1. The dilemmas already inherent in disaster relief, and compounded by cultural barriers, have now likely been made even more challenging by Johnson’s remarks, which followed President Trump’s “both sides” comments after Charlottesville, pardon of controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and claim that the people of Puerto Rico “want everything to be done for them.

2. As a result, it is incumbent on people of faith to renounce Johnson’s un-Christian assumptions and remarks so that we might be about the necessary work of dismantling the disparities that make minority communities most vulnerable to disaster.

3. The nation witnessed some of these cultural hurdles in the response to New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, and more recently when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

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Persecuted Christians in Iraq to join in Red Wednesday

1. Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil, in Kurdish northern Iraq, confirmed on Tuesday that a #RedWednesday prayer vigil will take place in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, opened last year in response to an influx of Christians fleeing persecution.

2. In his message, sent to #RedWednesday organisers Aid to the Church in Need, the Archbishop told the Catholic charity that he intends to floodlight the church red, making it one of hundreds around the world taking part in the initiative which shines a light on religious persecution.

3. From 6pm, people will gather for music, testimonies and speeches from Coptic Orthodox Bishop Angaelos of London, Neville Kyrke-Smith, Aid to the Church in Need (UK) National Director and Mervyn Thomas, Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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Archbishop of Canterbury and Patriarch of Moscow appeal for Middle East Christians

1. Archbishop Justin was in Moscow for a three-day visit, during which he formally presented and introduced the new Chaplain to St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow, the Revd Malcolm Rogers, to the Patriarch as the Archbishop’s Apokrisiarios, or representative.

2. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia have spoken out in support of Christians in the Middle East.

3. They spoke of the mass killings, barbaric destruction of churches, the desecration of holy sites and the expulsion of millions from their homes as manifestations of the persecution of Christians “in many countries of the Middle East and Africa” and said: “Our hearts are pained by the mass exodus of the Christian population from those places where the Good News began to be spread throughout the world.

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Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians and Jews celebrate 25 years

1. Twenty-five years ago, before the Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians & Jews began, residents of different faiths didn’t have a forum to spend time together, learn about each other’s religions or even to fight discrimination and anti-Semitism when they saw it.

2. The group now has about 200 members and is preparing to celebrate its anniversary at the annual Fellowship Friday volunteer event, which kicks off Friday at 8:30 a. m. at Temple Emanu-El.

3. “When everyone is out there working together in the community, all the differences in our faiths disappear,” said Rabbi Michael Resnick, spiritual leader of Temple Emanu-El and creator of Fellowship Friday.

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Q&A: A closer look at Orthodox Christians

1. To put it another way, while it is certainly true that the Orthodox Church’s positions on same-sex marriage and homosexuality are socially conservative, the distinction in the data between the former Soviet states and the rest of the Orthodox world suggests that there is more at work here than church teaching alone.

2. The link between Russia’s political power and the perception of the Moscow Patriarchate’s global leadership are all the more apparent when we contrast it to the situation of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who is the canonical leader of the Orthodox world but who suffers under constant harassment from the Turkish government and who has little real geopolitical authority.

3. Thus, many Orthodox Christians living outside of Russia see a powerful Russia with a resurgent Orthodox Church as a positive for global Orthodoxy.

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As someone who grew up among fundamentalist Christians in the US, I’m surprised anyone’s surprised about Roy Moore

1. 17/48 29 October 2017 Leicester City remembrance day fixture between between Leicester City and Everton at King Power Stadium Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images.

2. 12/48 3 November 2017 People queue outside an Apple store in London to purchase the new iPhone X upon its release in the U. K. The iPhone X is positioned as a high-end, model intended to showcase advanced technologies such as wireless charging, OLED display, dual cameras and a face recognition unlock system Getty.

3. 20/48 24 October 2017 Members of a delegation of indigenous and rural community leaders from 14 countries in Latin America and Indonesia, The Guardians of the Forest campaign, demonstrate against deforestation in London during a stop on their way to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties 23 (COP 23) in Bonn, Germany Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty.

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