An anti-Christmas advent calendar finally exists for all the Scrooges out there who hate the festive season (By

1. Luckily for them, there’s an advent calendar now available which will speak to their cold, dead souls.

2. “Have a wonderfully macabre Christmas with this anti-advent calendar, filled to the brim with misfortune and dismay.

3. They’re the sort of people who swoon at the sight of a mince pie in early October and have a Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas jumper inspiration.

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Films & programs: Visiting Christmas markets in Europe, climbing Half Dome, experiencing Africa, illustrating Joshua Tree (By Los Angeles Times)

1. When, where: 9 a. m. -4 p. m Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Black Rock Nature Center, 9800 Black Rock Canyon Road, Yucca Valley.

2. When, where: 7 p. m. Tuesday, Oct. 17, at the REI stores in Rancho Cucamonga, 12218 E. Foothill Blvd.

3. When, where: 7:30 p. m. Monday, Oct. 16, at Distant Lands, 20 S. Raymond Ave. , Pasadena.

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Trump: ‘We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values’ (By CNN)

1. Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump dove into America’s culture wars on Friday, touting his administration for “returning moral clarity to our view of the world” and ending “attacks on Judeo-Christian values.

2. Trump, nine months into his presidency, has found it harder to get things done than the ease with which he made promises on the campaign trail, making speeches to adoring audiences like Friday’s in Washington key to boosting the President’s morale.

3. “We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values,” Trump said to applause, before slamming people who don’t say “Merry Christmas.

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It’s time to start saying Merry Christmas again (By

1. President Donald Trump’s evolution from twice-divorced casino owner viewed warily by Christian conservatives to evangelical favorite defending religious liberty was on full display on Friday as he promised a return to traditional American values, including restoring “Merry Christmas” to the national discourse.

2. Mr Trump, the first sitting president to address the Values Voter Summit, ticked off the promises he’s fulfilled to evangelical Christians and other conservatives, pledging to turn back the clock in what he described as a nation that has drifted away from its religious roots.

3. With questions swirling then about whether he could appeal to evangelicals over conservative candidates like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, Mr Trump held a Bible aloft and declared: “I believe in God.

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Germany’s FDP Does Not Expect Coalition to Form Before Christmas (By U.S. News & World Report)

1. Speculation is rife that the FDP will demand the post of finance minister as a price for joining a “Jamaica” coalition and Kubicki said it was up to FDP leader Christian Lindner to decide whether Lindner would fill that post or be FDP parliamentary floor leader.

2. BERLIN (Reuters) – A senior member of the pro-business Free Democrat (FDP) party that is likely to be a partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new government said in a magazine interview he did not expect the coalition to form before the end of the year.

3. Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian sister party (CSU) removed a major stumbling block to the coalition talks on Sunday by ending a dispute over migrant policy with an agreement to limit to 200,000 the number of people Germany would accept per year on humanitarian grounds.

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Ryan Threatens to Keep Members in for Christmas to Finish Tax Overhaul (By Roll Call)

1. Knowing this, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan made it clear Thursday that Congress staying in session over Christmas is an option if they have not advanced a tax overhaul bill by then.

2. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said he will keep members in session over Christmas if needed to complete a tax overhaul.

3. The last time Congress overhauled the tax code was 1986, and Ryan and many members believe that if lawmakers don’t pass a new overhaul this year while they’ve got GOP control of the legislative and executive branches, the trend of inaction will continue.

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Cory Christmas Gives Access to Opportunities (By Memphis Daily News)

1. ” This theme holds it all together: the evening classes he teaches, where he helps students navigate technology that will “vastly expand their opportunities in terms of employment”; connecting students in the youth film mentoring program to “a vertical network of opportunities and talent”; and shepherding legal staff to new skills and tools they can implement each day at Baker Donelson.

2. Christmas coordinates a team of eight at Baker Donelson who ensure that firm employees (attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and administrative staff) across those 23 locations stay up to date on the latest technology, advance in professional development and grow as leaders.

3. Christmas has traded hurricanes for the law offices of Baker Donelson, where since 2013 he’s served as the training manager in charge of coordinating workplace learning for the firm’s 23 locations across the Southeast.

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Gwen Stefani’s goal with Christmas album is to be like Mariah Carey (By

1. I’ve only recently learned how to be confident and just be like, “Why do you beat yourself up?” But he was on the bus and he was just sitting around and he came up with the “I wanna thank ya baby” melody and he’s like, “I was just sitting around and thinking about this idea and I don’t know if you can do anything with it…” He’s so humble it’s stupid.

2. Below, EW caught up with the No Doubt frontwoman to talk about collaborating with boyfriend Blake Shelton, breaking down genre boundaries — and, surprisingly, what role wildebeests played in the writing of this new record.

3. I’ve never had anyone record a song of mine for one of their records — let alone one of the biggest country stars ever, so I was like, “Okay, babe!” He went into Capitol Records and recorded it and then he was like, “I really think this song needs to have children on it.

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The Cheapest Days to Fly Around Christmas 2017 (By Condé Nast Traveler)

1. Finding low fares for holiday travel requires a bit more planning than picking out a pair of tube socks for your Uncle Harold.

2. com, you’ll find the most savings, on average, if you fly December 20 (Wednesday) and return a week later on December 27.

3. And while there’s no one magic day to buy the cheapest tickets for Christmas, there are best practices to help you shave a few dollars off your fare prices.

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