Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne deserves the fans’ love (By ESPN FC)

1. Stoke City manager Mark Hughes calls Kevin De Bruyne the Premier League’s best player after Man City’s 7-2 victory.

2. Manchester City Manchester City Stoke City Stoke City 7 2 FT Game Details GameCast.

3. Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus joined the chorus of approval for Kevin De Bruyne after City swept Stoke aside 7-2 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

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Inmate was mailed drugs concealed in Jesus prayer card (By New York Post)

1. — Prison officials in Massachusetts say someone tried to send drugs to an inmate by mailing a laminated prayer card that contained wafer-thin strips of a prescription narcotic.

2. The Boston Globe reports that the state Department of Corrections discovered orange strips of Suboxone sandwiched inside the card, which featured an illustration of Jesus Christ and offered a prayer of comfort.

3. The card containing more than a dozen strips of the drug was mailed to an inmate housed at the state’s medium-security prison in Concord.

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I’m a Roman Catholic bishop. And I make memes for Jesus. (By Washington Post)

1. That many young people shared those memes on their own networks is a reflection of Millennials’ love for rubrics and Young Pope aesthetics, a generational divide that leaves most Baby Boomers mystified.

2. You might wonder why a successor to the Apostles, with all the gravitas that an office of 2,000 years standing brings with it, finds the time to make memes.

3. Liturgy related memes may be preaching to the choir but Church services are the usual point of contact that just about anyone has with the faith.

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Jesus can enter through our brokenness to bring healing (By Arkansas Catholic)

1. This process of learning to live for the Lord rather than for ourselves begins with a personal encounter with Jesus’ mercy that touches and heals the darkest recesses of our own heart, which then of necessity impels us to share gratefully with others the life-changing, spiritually-empowering gift that we have received.

2. The right question is “What does the Lord want you to do with your life?” and the answer to that question is the only answer that will actually lead to happiness, because it is only then that you’re living for something bigger than yourself.

3. Is there some dark recess in your soul that still harbors things that you’re not yet ready to bring to the Lord for healing — possibly because you don’t yet feel ready to face these things yourself?

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Gallipolis Daily Tribune (By Gallipolis Daily Tribune)

1. Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God” (1 John 5:4-5 NLT).

2. I pray every Dairy Queen worker who saw that background found comfort in its message.

3. But take heart, because I have overcome the world’”(John 16:33 NLT).

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Da Vinci Jesus Portrait Is Up for Auction for $100 Million (By TIME)

1. ” The Salvator Mundi is the Holy Grail of old master paintings,” a Christie’s senior specialist in Old Master paintings noted in a release.

2. The Salvator Mundi , which happens to be a portrait of Jesus in the same dark, impassive style as the infamous Mona Lisa , is also the only known of those oil works to be held in private hands.

3. Originally held in the collection of King Charles in the 17th century, the Salvator Mundi next passed to an illegitimate son of the Duke of Buckingham, Christie’s explains.

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