Malaysia, An Unfortunate Transit Point for Illegal Trade

1. “Ultimately, through collaborative efforts that lead both to seizures and to the arrest and successful prosecution of criminals, Malaysia can remove itself from being one of the transit countries of choice in South-East Asia for pangolins or other illicit wildlife coming from Africa to Asia,” the report stated.

2. In September 2016, 183 nations came together at the world’s largest wildlife protection convention (the Convention on Inter-national Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES), to approve a complete ban on all trade of live pangolin, pangolin meat and scales.

3. “It is absolutely imperative that investigations uncover the parties involved – including local logistics companies for both the Sabah pangolin scale shipments – to ensure that Malaysia is not being exploited as a point of transit, consolidation or distribution of smuggled wildlife or its parts.

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Medical tourism looks healthy in Malaysia, but in Singapore?

1. A basic single room in Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore, costs about HK$3,200 a day, while an equivalent room in a Columbia Asia Group hospital in Indonesia costs about HK$440.

2. Last year, foreigners accounted for just 30 per cent of patients at IHH Healthcare – the group that runs Parkway Pantai, Singapore’s largest private hospital operator.

3. The tourism board has stopped releasing the figure but research firm Frost & Sullivan expects it to be down to S$800 million this year.

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Malaysia election ‘may have something to do’ with it referring Pedra Branca to ICJ again: PM Lee

1. Speaking to activists at the PAP convention on Sunday, the Prime Minister added that while Singapore is friends with many countries, it must also not inadvertently fall under foreign control, or influence.

2. SINGAPORE: There will always be ups and downs in Singapore’s relations with other countries, but its fundamental approach should not change, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (Nov 19).

3. But he stressed that relations with Malaysia and Indonesia are good, with Singapore the largest foreign investor in both countries, and their top source of tourists.

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Afghanistan thrash Pakistan at U-19 Asia cup in Malaysia

1. Making history, Afghanistan’s under-19 cricket team beat Pakistan on Sunday to bag the Asia Youth Cup trophy in Malaysia.

2. “I feel proud to congratulate our nation on this very unique, rare and prideful occasion of our country’s cricket as Afghanistan’s U19 clinches historic win over Pakistan at the ACC U-19 Asia Cup and lifts the trophy for the first time in the history.

3. Afghanistan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah also congratulated the team via Twitter.

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Clydes launches formal tie-up with Malaysia’s Shaikh David & Co

1. Shaikh David & Co is a partnership between partners Shaikh Abdul Saleem and James David, which offers insurance and reinsurance, banking and insolvency, shipping and offshore and general litigation legal services in Malaysia.

2. Clyde & Co and Malaysia-based firm Shaikh David & Co have entered into a formal association to target clients in the firms’ key sectors.

3. It is based in Kuala Lumpur.

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Why employees in Malaysia are so unhealthy

1. The survey showed that 11% of Malaysian employees are ‘highly’ engaged at work, while 19% of employees showed ‘low’ levels of work engagement.

2. To support their employees, 91% of bosses offer at least one workplace intervention, while 58% of employees participate in at least one intervention at work.

3. Meanwhile, the report stated that 18% of employees in Malaysia reporting cited being exposed to bullying at work, and 4% of Malaysian employees reporting that they are bullied ‘often or always’.

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Malaysian, US forces hold six-day military exercise in Tanduo – Nation

1. They continued their exercise at the army’s shooting range in Camp Paradise at Kota Belud on Tuesday under the six-day exercise from Nov 16-23.

2. The coordinated training was part of the Tiger Strike 2017 joint exercise between the Malaysian Armed Forces and the United State First Marine Corp. Apart from the navy and air force, the ground forces of the Battalion 22 of the Royal Malay Regiment were joined by the 1st Marine Regiment of the United States Marine Corp (USMC) in the “assault” against the terrorists.

3. The military action at Tanduo beach in Sabah’s east coast district was just a simulation and demonstration exercise by Malaysia’s elite sea commandos PASCAL and the US military’s Green Barrets.

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Brillante Mendoza to Head Jury at Malaysia Festival – Variety

1. Other jurors at the second edition will include directors Dain Iskandar Said (Interchange”), Tran Anh Hung (“Scent of the Green Papaya,” “Norwegian Wood”), Patrick Tam (“After This Our Exile”), actor-producer Lee Lieh (“Jump Ashin!,” “Monga”), and actor-writer-director, Suhasini Maniratnam (Bandhana, Suprabhata”).

2. Filipino star director Brillante Mendoza has been named as president of the competition jury at next year’s Malaysia International Film Festival.

3. Earlier this year at the festival’s first edition, Mendoza won the best director award with his film “Ma Rosa.

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Hour Of Code gets into the Malaysia Book of Records – Tech News

1. Throughout the campaign period, participating students were given four modules for selection – Minecraft Hour Of Code, Write Your First Computer Program, Code With Anna And Elsa, and Star Wars: Building A Galaxy With Code – all developed by Code.

2. “It is a roaring achievement for the campaign to have made it into the Malaysia Book of Records this year and to see our students and teachers working together to be digital technology savvy,” said Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon.

3. The Hour Of Code campaign is part of MDEC’s #mydigitalmaker movement, a joint public-private-academia initiative launched by the Prime Minister in August 2016 to transform Malaysian youths from digital users to makers and creators.

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Drumming up a storm in Malaysia

1. The recent urumee melam performance was part of a festival in Bukit Sentosa, central Malaysia, celebrating the folk music that brought together several bands, which played in front of an audience of hundreds of spectators.

2. However a push by community leaders and a growing interest in Tamil history and culture among the younger generation of Malaysian Indians means the beat of the urumee drums is now being increasingly heard across the country.

3. Malaysian Indian musicians bang drums on a stage shrouded in smoke, singing in Tamil, as dancers wearing shimmering gold outfits adorned with peacock feathers gyrate to the pounding rhythm.

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