The US net neutrality fight affects the whole world

1. The global influence of the United States, and of American online companies, also means that repealing net neutrality within the country’s borders would pose an existential threat to net neutrality around the world.

2. But the current political administration seems hellbent on dismantling net neutrality and handing internet service providers the freedom to mold, shape, manipulate, and price internet access in whatever fashion they like.

3. Without net neutrality, an unshackled Comcast can start putting together nightmarish (by which I mean “just like cable TV”) tiers or bundles of internet access that will be good for Comcast’s bottom line, but bad for consumers and bad for online services.

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John Curtin, the leader who turned Australia to the United States

1. Curtin’s intellect, political savoir faire and growing economic literacy, was augmented by his attendance at an ILO conference in Geneva.

2. Andrew Clark by Just eight weeks into his wartime prime ministership, Labor leader John Curtin spent the weekend of December 6-7, 1941, at the unpretentious Victoria Palace Hotel in Little Collins Street, Melbourne, not far from the army’s Victoria Barracks.

3. But no one, Curtin included, understood that the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour – a “day of infamy,” according to US President Franklin Roosevelt – also signalled the transformation of Australia including the way we, as Australians, viewed ourselves.

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The United States Today Celebrates Thanksgiving

1. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in memory of the first settlers in Massachusetts in 1621.

2. This is the oldest and most celebrated holiday, gathering family and friends together.

3. There must be a roast turkey, garnished with blueberry sauce.

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Sol Campbell interested in becoming United States’ coach

1. U. S. coach Bruce Arena quit after the failure to make it to the finals in Russia next summer, and former Arsenal and England defender Campbell urged the USMNT to have an open mind when considering a successor.

2. Sol Campbell, Trinidad & Tobago’s assistant manager, has told ESPN that he would be interested in becoming the United States’ coach and gave his perspective on the team’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

3. Former England defender Sol Campbell chimes in on the United States’ failure to reach the World Cup.

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Key Players are Hospira, Hikma, App, Sagent & Sandoz and Henry Shein

1. CONTACT: Research and Markets Laura Wood, Senior Manager press@researchandmarkets.

2. The report has further analysed the various containers used for generic injectables including vials, premix, prefilled syringes and ampoules.

3. Among these, oncology generic injectables represent the largest segment.

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Trans-Pacific trade deal advances without United States

1. Taking the agreement forward is a boost for the principle of multilateral trade pacts after U. S. President Donald Trump ditched the TPP early this year in favor of an “America First” policy he believes would save U. S. jobs.

2. Countries in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal have agreed on the core elements to move ahead without the United States, officials said on Saturday, after last-minute resistance from Canada raised new doubts about its survival.

3. Partly to counter China’s growing dominance in Asia, Japan had been lobbying hard for the TPP pact, which aims to eliminate tariffs on industrial and farm products across the 11-nation bloc whose trade totalled $356 billion last year.

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United States, South Korea start 4-day naval drills in clear warning to North Korea against the backdrop of Trump’s Asian visit.

1. The United States and South Korea on Saturday started joint naval exercises that will involve three U. S. aircraft carriers in what military officials describe as a clear warning to North Korea.

2. The exercises will also involve 11 U. S. Aegis ships and seven South Korean naval vessels, including two Aegis ships.

3. The four-day drills that began in the waters off South Korea’s eastern coast come as President Donald Trump continues a visit to Asia that has been dominated by discussions over the North Korean nuclear threat.

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and rates rising faster than United States

1. The analysis by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development (OECD) shows levels in the UK have risen by 92 per cent in just over two decades – by far the steepest rise among countries with an obesity problem.

2. The figures show 27 per cent of adults in Britain are now obese – a rise from 14 per cent in 1991.

3. Spiralling obesity levels have left Britain the sixth fattest nation in the world, with rates rising faster even than those in the US, a new report shows.

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Germany’s FlixBus to take on Greyhound in the United States

1. FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German long-distance bus firm FlixBus plans to expand to the United States next year, taking on rivals such as Greyhound and Megabus from a base in Los Angeles, it said on Wednesday.

2. FILE PHOTO: The company’s logo is seen on a FlixBus intercity bus at the Carparkplatz Sihlquai bus station in Zurich, Switzerland December 8, 2016.

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The facts on mass shootings in the United States

1. Two researchers — Jaclyn Schildkraut of the State University of New York in Oswego and H. Jaymi Elsass of Texas State University — analyzed mass shootings in 11 countries, covering the period from 2000-14.

2. With each tragedy, we hear arguments about gun violence, mental health, how much firearms should be regulated and what’s driving the prevalence of mass shootings.

3. Researchers at the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service defined “mass shooting” as “a multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, within one event, and in one or more locations in close proximity” in a 2015 report.

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