42 boys from Jammu’s skill development centers make it to Indian Army (By Business Standard)

1. The centers, which are named as Centers for Border Youth Training and Empowerment (C-BYTE), were started in Arnia, Suchetgarh, Marh, Khour, Pargwal and Mandal blocks of the Jammu district in January 2016, under the skill development budget of the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) of the Union Home Ministry.

2. As many as 42 boys from six skill-development centers of Jammu, run by the district administration in the border blocks, have been selected in the.

3. Prior to this, 72 boys were selected into various forces from these centers and the current take the total selections in the last one year to 114. .

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What the Alt-Right Has Learned From Al Qaeda (By Daily Beast)

1. Case in point: The other day, a man was stabbed and accused of being a neo-Nazi in the parking lot of a Steak ’n Shake in Colorado, all because his haircut resembled that worn by alt-righters (called a “fasci”).

2. A prime example of this overreaction played out recently when liberals like Al Sharpton and my CNN colleague Angela Rye suggested that statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (not just Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson) should be taken down.

3. In the case of Washington and Jefferson statues and monuments, the desire to remove images of America’s Founding Fathers demonstrates the radical nature of one’s adversaries.

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‘Neocon Lies’: Ron Paul Claims Iraq War Created Al Qaeda (By Mediaite)

1. The group was created by bin Laden and other prominent members of the mujahideen, who would go on to conduct a number of terror attacks around the world in the 1990s, with the successful attack on New York’s World Trade Center coming in 2001 — followed swiftly by the U. S. invasion of Afghanistan after the country’s Taliban regime failed to hand over bin Laden.

2. But Paul’s latest critique of the war contains a glaring factual error: Al-Qaeda existed long before 2003 (Remember, Ron: the group orchestrated the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that supposedly justified the invasion of Iraq…).

3. “Remember,” the libertarian firebrand wrote as he watched President Donald Trump’s Monday night speech on Afghanistan, “there was no al-Qaeda until our foolish invasion of Iraq based on neocon lies.

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Divers Find Remains in Search of U.S. Navy Ship Damaged in Collision (By New York Times)

1. The destroyer is named after John S. McCain Sr. and John S. McCain Jr. , Navy admirals who were the grandfather and father of Senator John McCain of Arizona.

2. “This incident took place in Singapore waters and M. P. A. continues to lead the search and rescue efforts,” Mr. Tan told reporters on Tuesday.

3. The family of Logan Palmer, an interior communications electrician petty officer third class who was from Illinois, said in a statement released by the Navy that they, too, were awaiting “word from the Navy on our son Logan.

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Naval Collision Adds to Fears About U.S. Decline in Asia (By New York Times)

1. After the collision on Monday, the Chinese state news media also declared that Beijing was making progress on establishing rules for ships navigating the South China Sea “while the U. S. Navy is becoming a dangerous obstacle.

2. “The U. S. Navy, which likes to claim its presence can safeguard ‘freedom of navigation’ in the South China Sea, is proving to be an increasing hindrance to ships sailing in Asian waters,” China Daily, an English-language government mouthpiece, said in an editorial.

3. The Chinese state news media, which accused the Pentagon this month of provoking regional conflict by sending the John S. McCain near Mischief Reef, seized on the collision to step up its criticism of American forays in the South China Sea.

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Hundreds confess to eating human flesh in South Africa (By New York Post)

1. One of the suspects allegedly walked into a police station in the central South African town on Friday while holding human body parts, including a leg and a hand, and confessed to being “tired of eating human flesh,” according to the newspaper.

2. Meanwhile, ward councilor Mthembeni Majola, who held a community meeting Monday after the suspects appeared in court, said roughly 300 residents confessed to visiting Mbatha and knowingly eating human flesh.

3. Hundreds of people allegedly confessed to eating human flesh given to them by one of four men facing cannibalism charges in South Africa, reports say.

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Grace Mugabe’s South Africa spat shows how easily diplomatic immunity can be corrupted — Quartz (By Quartz)

1. In her case, as the spouse of a foreign head of state, she could be granted immunity from the criminal and civil jurisdiction of the courts in South Africa if, for instance, she was on a visit as an envoy of her country to attend an international conference, or if she was accompanying her husband on an official visit.

2. Taking into account the rules around the prescription of the right to institute prosecution of crime, and the underlying rationale of diplomatic immunity as a tool to facilitate official political and commercial relations between sovereign states, it can be argued that diplomatic immunity isn’t the impenetrable shield of impunity imagined by some.

3. If a person who enjoys diplomatic immunity is accused of a crime, and their immunity isn’t waived, it’s normal practice for the host country to declare the person to be persona non grata.

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Nigerian army reacts to formation of Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafran force ▷ NAIJ.COM (By NAIJ.COM)

1. The Nigerian Army has said it is addressing the issue of a Biafra force reportedly being mobilized by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu.

2. The army spokesperson made the statement on Tuesday, August 22, in a tweet after a Twitter user demanded to know what the army was doing about the issue.

3. com recalls that a video showing the IPOB leader inspecting a group of men called the Biafra Secret Service (BSS) had gone viral on the internet.

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Nigerian Army Launches Mobile Strike Force To Fight Boko Haram (By Nigerian Bulletin)

1. President Buhari has is to summon a Council of State meeting and the top agenda include restructuring and agitations going on in different parts of the country.

2. Catholic Priest Obidinma, has cautioned Nnamdi Kanu over Biafra urging him to seek for pe.

3. .

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Army Will Continue to Protect Nigeria’s Territorial Integrity (By AllAfrica.com)

1. “The significance of this year’s convention with the theme: ‘Strengthening the framework for Discipline and Regimentation for professional Responsiveness in the Nigerian Army’, cannot be overstated as the army is continuously engaged in a vast array of operations ranging from peace keeping to internal security,” the army boss said.

2. The COAS who was represented by the Chief of Administration, Nigerian Army headquarters in Enugu, Major General Idris Alkali, said officers of the Nigerian army have the professional duty to protect the territorial integrity of the nation.

3. Enugu — The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General Tukur Buratai, has charged officers of the Nigerian Army to be disciplined in order to carry out their responsibility effectively.

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